Job Hazard Analysis

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is one of the most effective ways in recognizing hazards associated with jobs. JHA provides a systematic mechanism to determine hazards that can be encountered in a job step, thereby leading to the effective control of the aforementioned hazard making jobs safer and workers more effective. A comprehensive JHA will allow organizations map out their workplace hazards making sure that they are not only addressed but properly communicated.

One of the most effective, if not the best way of starting your proactive safety program is to launch, develop and sustain a Job Hazard Analysis. If properly performed, JHA can provide management with all recognized safety, health and ergonomic hazards associated with the performance of a particular hazardous task. In addition, appropriate and effective hazard controls to eliminate or minimize the hazards in all job steps can be developed before a job is performed. In doing so, management can attain effective control of human errors, which accounted for the causes of 98% of all industrial accidents.
Job Hazard Analysis Training will enable participants to:

• Recognize hazards, properly identify and control them;
• Know how to decide which jobs require JHA and know the key requirements to conduct an effective JHA;
• Discuss the step by step procedures in conducting a JHA;
• Become an effective member of the JHA team and implement the JHA;
• Encourage continuous improvement through the JHA process; and
• Develop safe procedures not only in controlling hazards that will contribute to plant personnel productivity and wellness.
• Job Hazard Analysis
• Purpose of JHA
• Scope of JHA
• Breaking Job into Steps
• Identifying Hazards in Each Step
• Determining Consequences of Each Hazard
• Developing Management and Hazard Controls
• Establishing JHA Priorities
• Developing and Conducting JHA
• Benefits and Uses of JHA
• Workshop

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