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This is a prescribed training of DOLE-BWC for those who will create a system for the proper implementation of safety and health program in the workplace that is focused in controlling losses before exposures become eventuated.

The consequence to exposure to unsafe acts and conditions are accidents. And these accidents cannot just be eliminated without carefully evaluating what causes them as these are the hazards that ail the workplace. After understanding hazards (unsafe acts and conditions) as immediate causes of accidents, it must be time to implement a more meaningful plan to control these hazards by strategically correcting these hazards at its sources; the personal factors and job factors. The best way to do this is to develop and establish programs that will treat these factors.

In Loss Control Management Program, the establishment of treatment mechanism of job and personal factors that will control unsafe acts and conditions are discussed.

Intended for:
Supervisors, engineers, managers and members of the Health and Safety Committee
Loss Control Management Training will enable participants to:

• Plan, organize and create strategic plans and procedures on the control of accident risk; and
• Develop programs that will address both the human factors and the job factors.
• History and Philosophy of Loss Control
• Causes and Effects of Accidents/Incidents
• Management Control
• Personal and Group Communications
• Planned Job Observation
• Stress Management
• Planned Inspection
• Fire Loss Control
• Environmental Safety
• Incident Investigation
• Security Loss Control
• Proper Job Analysis and Procedure
• Property Damage and Waste Control
• Role of Safety in Risk Management
• System Safety
• Behaviour Based Safety
• Safe Driving
• Measurement Tools for Management
• Disaster and Mass Casualty Management
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are solutions, whereas Safety is a Way of Life.”

Benjamin C. Tan
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    DOLE-BWC Accredited Trainings
  • DOLE-BWC Accredited Trainings
    DOLE-BWC Accredited Trainings
  • DOLE-BWC Accredited Trainings
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