Defensive Driving Course

This course is designed to enhance the skills of company – based personnel on defensive driving. The training is structured to include a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and video showing. Different cases and situations that can lead to problem solving analysis are provided during workshops. Written examination on traffic signs and defensive driving will be administered to measure the participants’ knowledge on how to drive defensively as well as his aptitude for road safety.

Driving is a hazardous activity by itself and has to be performed with great care and attention to the hazards on the road which develops as driving progresses. When road accidents happen, these accidents usually have irreversible consequences. This training will help drivers to become better by observing safe practices, like making sure that they are fit to drive and that their vehicles are safe to drive and defensive by exhibiting traits like courtesy on the road and by following rules and regulations set by government agencies like the LTO
Better Driving Course will enable participants to:

• Discuss traffic rules, hazards on the roads and their consequences, including how to control situations when untoward incidents occur;
• Learn the art of safe driving and describe the safe and defensive driver;
• Develop the skills of a safe and defensive driver;
• Discuss road signage; and
• Describe the safe vehicle and demonstrate what to do in an adverse situation.
• Republic Act No. 4136
• The Art of Driving
• The Safe Vehicle
• International Road Signs
• Incorrect Actions of Others
• Presence of Adverse Driving Conditions
• Preventable and Non-Preventable Accident
• The Deadly Two-Car Crash
• Expert Seeing Habits
• Written Examination
• Actual Driving Examination
• Film Showing

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