Office Safety

Office Safety Training is designed to address occupational safety and health hazards in an office setting. The focus of the discussion will be the hazards in an office environment that could result to office related injuries and accidents.

Equipment and machineries are very important component of productivity. Operators have to keep them running in order to produce either services or products. And these same machineries and equipment, when not well kept and properly operated can be sources of operators’ injuries, material/product damage and even property damage. This training will address loss control issues associated with operating and maintaining equipment and machineries used either in producing products or providing services to clients
Office Safety Training will enable participants to:

• Identify injuries and accidents that can occur in an office setting;
• Recognize safety and health hazards in an office setting; and
• Develop a safety program that will control office based hazards
• Workplace Safety (Hazard Identification)
• Common Accidents and Injuries in an Office Setting (Slips, Trips and Falls)
• Hazards in an Office Setting
• Good Housekeeping Introduction to Office Ergonomics
• Electrical Safety
• Fire Prevention
• Emergency Preparedness and Response

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are solutions, whereas Safety is a Way of Life.”

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